Dry Cleaning Business Solutions

Peas delivers smart and sustainable solutions to help businesses to manage and reconcile their employees dry cleaning vouchers. providing added value benefits for both your business and your employees. Using the App, your employees can then redeem allocated e-vouchers in over 4,500 dry cleaning retail outlets throughout the UK.

Allocate specific garments per cost centre & staff members.

Fixed garment costs with over 4,500 UK dry cleaners.

Reduce your business carbon footprint with paperless solutions.

Avoid costly reconciliation of dry cleaning expense claims.

Personal dry cleaning promotions & savings for employees.

Many of our local dry cleaners provide office pick up services.

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Our Clients

We provide sustainable dry cleaning voucher and contactless payment solutions to a range of businesses throughout the UK in the following industry sectors .


Ground handling






Mortuary workers
Cemetery workers

"Peas have successfully implemented a dry cleaning solution for companies based in our serviced building. Using the Peas app we are able to request a collection and drop off service for any garments. Users get access to discounted prices using one of the Peas dry-cleaning retail partners. During implementation the Peas team kindly provided us with a simple user guide and unique Peas laundry bags for easy distribution and identification. We are delighted to partner with Peas"

Sian Buonassisi
Front of House Reception Supervisor


Many organisations have ambitions to become net zero by targeting a reduction in their company’s carbon emissions from their operations.

If your company currently purchases paper dry cleaning vouchers, or are looking to set up dry cleaning benefits for your employees, Peas can provide you with a net zero process for booking and paying for your corporate dry cleaning vouchers.

Did you know that producing 100,000 sheets of paper for vouchers from new sources requires over 8 trees and almost 2,000kWh of energy. As a result over 6,000kg of carbon is generated. (from energy required to create the paper and dispose of it in landfill eight times).

Source: The Good Energy Ltd