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Voucher Systems Limited (VSL) have been working with local dry-cleaners to provide clients with uniform aftercare solutions for over 30 years.

In 2015 VSL launched Peas. A solution for streamlining the order and payment of dry-cleaning whilst removing the need for local dry cleaners to reconcile their old paper vouchers. Part of the solution was the Peas App which was designed on following key components:

1. Simple functionality allowing app users to easily find their nearest dry cleaner.
2. Remove manual paper dry cleaning voucher processes for its corporate clients.
3. Functionality to load a card details for payment of their personal dry cleaning

Local Dry Cleaner Benefits

Get Noticed - Having a FREE GPS listing with us means your shop will be visible to thousands of local Peas App users driving you more new business.

Increased revenue - Free marketing loyalty schemes with contactless payment allows you to immediately message promotions and updates to your customers via the Peas app, driving you more business.

Quicker payments - Credit card companies can take up to a week to credit your account, unlike speedy payments from Peas.

Contactless Payment - All transactions through Peas are made via secure payment gateway with no more credit/debit PDQ machine charges.

Save Time - Peas technology saves you time. No need to record transactions or reconcile credit and debit card receipts.

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How it works

Peas App User Testimonial

"Peas have successfully implemented a dry cleaning solution for companies based in our serviced building. Using the Peas app we are able to request a collection and drop off service for any garments. Users get access to discounted prices using one of the Peas dry-cleaning retail partners. During implementation the Peas team kindly provided us with a simple user guide and unique Peas laundry bags for easy distribution and identification. We are delighted to partner with Peas"

Sian Buonassisi
Front of House Reception Supervisor

Local Dry Cleaner Testimonials

"Peas has really streamlined the process of managing dry cleaning vouchers. This is good for our business as it means I no longer have to accept paper vouchers and then go through the process of returning them by post and then waiting for payment. With Peas I receive an email, collect the garments and get paid a couple of days later."

Craig Faugh
Milligan Street Dry Cleaners
"I really value my ongoing partnership with Peas and the team. Since they introduced the app in 2015, our business has benefited from new customer revenue via their dry-cleaning voucher solution for uniforms."

Robert Manning
Mannings Dry Cleaners