The feeling of uncertainty and angst when handing over a paper voucher to a cashier is a common one for UK consumers. Yet, with nearly 80 percent of the world’s population currently using a mobile phone, there is no denying that mobile payments are transforming the way consumers shop. Retailers now see mobile marketing as an emerging opportunity for influencing consumers’ purchasing behaviour, leading to more app integration and the slow but steady demise of the paper voucher.

The Death of the Paper Voucher

For decades, advertisers have intrigued consumers with paper vouchers, be it in their weekly newspaper, through their letterbox or otherwise. Yet, over time, with vast improvements in technology the paper voucher has shifted from print to digital channels; from email to websites to mobile apps etc. The behaviour of key retailers, as some companies are beginning to remove printable coupons from their stores completely, is a clear indication that paper voucher might soon meet their demise. That said, many retailers still provide paper vouchers, and for the older consumer, they are still very much respected. But in a digital age where mobile devices and apps are now a big part of day-to-day life, the paper voucher stigma is becoming more and more apparent.

What is ‘Voucher Stigma’?

Running the risk of a retailer refusing to accept your paper voucher or the realisation that your voucher has expired can be embarrassing and is a common concept recognised as the ‘voucher stigma’. In addition to paper vouchers being delicate, easily lost and damaged, makes the handing over of a worn piece of paper somewhat out of place in the modern world. Today’s consumer activity is led by contactless, pin-free payments and easily accessible apps, making it evident that the death of the paper voucher is upon us. So, what can we gain from mobile retail applications?

The Benefits of Mobile Retailer Apps

Paying easily and safely are the main contributing factors to paying via app. Not only are apps convenient and free to use (for the majority of retailers that provide them), they’re also easy to access. All you need to do is download the app to your mobile device in order to get started. Here we’ve compiled a list of the main advantages you can benefit from when using an App:


With use of an App, you can gain instant access and instant redemption, allowing you to find the information you need quickly. In the instance of the Peas App, the voucher transaction is sent by email to the dry cleaner and a receipt is displayed on the customer’s smartphone… simple!


With the right kind of customer data, mobile communications can be highly targeted and customised in a way that maximises the possibility of influencing a buying decision. This means, when using an app you can benefit from offers and promotions to suit you. With the Peas App, you can receive promotions, discounts and special offers (exclusive to you as the App user) for your dry cleaning service.


At the press of a button, you can discover which stores are located near to you. The GPS map of an App such as the Peas App, allows you to easily locate dry cleaners in your local area or at your preferred location and then make payments securely and quickly from your smartphone. Information about the dry cleaners is displayed in the App too.

Reduced Admin

Mobile Apps make it easier to make orders. With an in-app payment, you can guarantee faster payments directly from your bank account. With a paperless system, you needn’t worry about cash or cheque transactions, which means no admin and less hassle.


Data protection is of the utmost importance for organisations. So you can be assured your data is secure when using your favourite Apps. The Peas App uses secure payment services, and will keep your data safe. Having your own secure login also means your data is securely saved.


For the savviest of retailers, mobile apps and in-app perks are just the beginning. It seem it’s only a matter of time before we start to see mobile checkouts on the high street as mobile payments take shape as the next step in the smartphone revolution. At PEAS, we have updated our voucher system with the launch of our PEAS App. This enables users with a paperless solution and a simple manner of payment for laundering services. You’ll find it quick, easy and secure to use. Find out more about the app and where to download it here or contact us today for more information.