The uniform is an important tool within any workplace, but how do you ensure your workwear represents the right image for your business? From projecting professionalism to building trust, there are many practical attributes and responsive connotations to contemplate when considering the role of the workplace uniform. So how do you ensure your employee workwear remains affordable, clean, professional, long lasting and a true reflection of your brand?

The uniform is an important tool within any workplace. It isn’t simply something that’s worn by employees, it portrays a great deal more than that, from corporate branding to projecting competence etc. When an employee wears a uniform, it represents a great deal of things from their profession, to the company they work for and the service they provide.

With workwear possessing so many advantages, how do you ensure it remains effective, clean, long-lasting and a true reflection of your brand? Here we’ll discuss each of these factors in more detail:

Brand Identity

A uniform has a lot to answer for in regards to brand image. In the simplest form, it includes all the visual elements of a brand, as perceived by the consumer. The design, symbols and colours work together to create a recognisable image, something that’s then represented throughout the uniform.

Brand identity is important, particularly when visually represented via workwear. It has the strength to bring together a united workforce with a combined sense of responsibility simply through wearing the same clothing. It can also encourage colleagues to work professionally together in order to achieve established company targets.

A work uniform says a lot about the person wearing it, including their profession, responsibilities, and the tasks they undertake. It portrays an image to the general public helping to build trust, which will in turn become loyalty. The brand image, represented through workwear, indicates to the customer that the employee is knowledgeable, approachable and ready to help.


Ensuring the safety of staff is a crucial consideration for the employer, and one that the right uniform can help to reinforce. The responsibility a person upholds is presented visually through the uniform they wear, and the uniform they wear should act as a tool to keep them safe while undertaking that role.

The presentation of a uniform should ensure the wearer looks smart and professional, while offering a safe, practical workwear solution. It should also offer protection, for example, police patrolling the streets are provided with black trousers with a sewn in truncheon pocket, and stab vests, whilst firefighters have lightweight, identifiable in the dark, flame retardant uniforms. A uniform is as such a shield to keep your workforce prepared and safe.

Correct Laundering

Opting for the right aftercare solution is essential in increasing the longevity of business workwear. This is particularly so when considering the nature of the work. For instance, in the healthcare industry you will find that tunics and gowns are made with infection control compliant materials, so professional cleaning of such garments is a must. They therefore need to be durable enough to withstand decontamination.

For workers there must be access to a laundry disinfection service for contaminated uniforms or agreement about safe alternative arrangements. If routine laundering facilities are not available, the organisation must advise staff what it considers to be appropriate in such circumstances.

With the right level of aftercare and laundering of a uniform, the garment should have a longer lifespan.

Longevity & Cost

One of the most common factors for uniform replacement is down to the quality of workwear. For instance, if your staff engage in manual environments, be it on a construction site, in a kitchen, or in a garage etc. the replacement of the uniform is likely to occur at a higher frequency.

The average lifespan of a shirt is 12 months, however this will depend on the level of usage and the washing routine is undergoes.

Workwear for employees can initially seem expensive however by investing in high quality workwear from the start combined with the right aftercare solution, you can reduce the frequency of replacement and therefore extend the longevity of employee workwear overall.

Does your Workwear Reflect the Right Image for your Business?

The design and purpose of company uniforms vary from one establishment to another, when used to build corporate identity, it can be authoritative or fun. When used in an industrial setting it needs to be safe and practical.

Based on the individual company and the role it upholds, the correct use of corporate uniforms can be established. An important point to consider however is that once a theme has been initiated, it must remain within a centralised branding strategy in order to benefit the brand in which it serves. It must also offer a practical and safe solution to staff, whilst being introduced to the right level of aftercare that objectifies the requirements of the business.